Hey there. This is where you can get all of my books.

Here we have a psychological thriller short story – Left of Center.

Left of Center coverEvan is scraping through life working two dead-end jobs that he hates. His glory days were high school football, and since the injury, everything has been downhill. He has lost his ambition and is in a rut that seems unending.

He starts seeing something in his bathroom mirror. A blur that draws his attention. Evan starts hearing voices when he sees the blur. Voices that dig into his mind and push him to strive for better. Life is starting to look up — but then the voices want more.

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This next one is a thriller with some medical and psychological inspirations. It’s called Hidden in the Halls.

Hidden in the Halls coverKayla wakes from a terrible car accident and finds her body badly damaged. Her legs took the worst beating and are crushed beyond what could normally be repaired.

The doctors mention an experimental and unapproved treatment that could make the difference. Kayla begins to see that she isn’t in a normal hospital and suspects that she is actually being held captive. With her mangled body she will need help to escape before it is too late.

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Next up is my newest short story, Vital Assignment.

Vital Assignment coverThis is a standalone short story.

Eric is an average, broke college kid taking most of his classes online. His life is mostly uneventful until he starts getting strange assignments in his chemistry class. He has to find out why he is getting these nonsense assignments and messages and then make a decision to act on what he discovers.

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Next up is the Implanted series book 1: Disconnected. This is going to be a three book series and there are two parts available now.

Implanted 1 coverBook 1 of the Implanted series

They say the one thing they can’t take is your mind. Your thoughts are yours. Or they used to be! The authorities are implanting people with a device which was designed to act as a new financial system for the citizens. It turns out to do much more than the people were told. One man, Jamie, has his life change dramatically due his implant. He discovers how little control over his life he really has. He has to make a critical decision and risk everything to make things right.

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And here is book two of the Implanted series: Infiltration

Implanted 2 coverPart 2 of the Implanted series

Jamie and his companions have narrowly escaped an attempt on their lives. Now on the run, he and Cecily decide to strike back against the enemy. For the first time in years, Jamie has something to fight for. He risks everything for a chance at having a family again. The stakes are high but he doesn’t have to fight alone now.

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And the finale in the Implanted trilogy: Confrontation

Implanted 3 coverThis is the final book in the Implanted series.

Jamie and the twins have a chance to confront McElroy and end their connection that has shaped all of their lives. Their enemy is powerful but he must be confronted. With the help of some old friends they may stand a chance.

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