Implanted Series

Implanted 1 coverThe first book in the Implanted series is available on Amazon. Click here to get it for free.

Implanted book 1: Disconnected takes place in the near future and citizens of the world are required to receive a chip implanted the back of their necks from birth. These chips replace the paper and coin money system that we know. The government can also use the implants to ‘shut down’ people who are a threat.

Jamie loses everything dear to him in one day and decides to find out who tore his life apart. He is able to find a group that has defected away from the government and has found a way to remove their chips.



Implanted 2 coverPart 2 of the Implanted series

Jamie and his companions have narrowly escaped an attempt on their lives. Now on the run, he and Cecily decide to strike back against the enemy. For the first time in years, Jamie has something to fight for. He risks everything for a chance at having a family again. The stakes are high but he doesn’t have to fight alone now.

Implanted book 2 is now available here.




Implanted 3 coverThis is the final book in the Implanted series.

Jamie and the twins have a chance to confront McElroy and end their connection that has shaped all of their lives. Their enemy is powerful but he must be confronted. With the help of some old friends they may stand a chance.

Implanted book 3 is now available here.


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